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Au pair of the Year 2018 - Regina from Mexico

Do you know what it is that I like the most about children? That every day is like they are born again. Every day is a different experience, every day they discover something new, every day they have different feelings and every day they find out what is life and what is to live. I feel that kids are pure souls. They don't know anything about barriers. Their only fear is the dark. They don’t know what is to judge. They don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what language you speak, how tall are you nor what’s the color of your skin; no, they don’t have this urge to grow, they explore, they get happy for the small things and the only thing they care about is that you play with them, that you make them feel safe and if they kick the ball and you kick it back, they are willing to share with you this game called life.

My journey as an Au Pair has been full of different experiences. I’ve only been here for one and a half month but it feels like I’ve been here for so much longer. When I was on the plane I couldn’t stop thinking of what was it going to be like: would the kids like me?
would the family like me? It was a nightmare!! However, when I walked out of the airport and saw this little and beautiful blonde girl (Josi) running to me with a red welcome sign followed by a brunette young boy (Tim) holding a balloon, I smiled and I knew I made the right choice. From the beginning my host family has treated me like if I was part of the family and I been having so much fun with them. The next day after my arrival we went to the Elba, it was so cold and windy but so cool at the same time, there’s this big playground where the kids can run and play and of course that’s what we did. We also had some spaghetti eis that it seems to be really popular here, I was so surprised when I saw spaghetti made out of ice cream, like seriously, who was the genius who came with the idea of combining the best of both worlds?!

Also, we had a mexican party where I got to meet all the neighbours and eat some german/mexican food (that has nothing to do with mexican food but it is delicious by the way) and had the chance to talk with different people; they are so nice and welcoming, they even got me a basket with all different kinds of chocolate! I’m so happy that we’ve been doing lots of different things together like going to an indoors playground, going swimming, and going to different interactive museums because I got the chance to be part of different things like the first time Josi swam without floaties and dived or Tim’s first day in his new school or how happy he was when he received a cellphone for his birthday. There was a time when we went to the TierPark and I was able to feed elephants
with carrots, never in my entire life I thought I would do that, however the best memory I have from that day was when I took a picture with Tim in front of the lions and when we look at it, the background with the animals was not so pretty as one of the lions decided to reproduce with another one just in time for the photo! It was so comical when we look at it! But as funny as it was, that was not the best shot for a postcard so we took another one only this time with all the lions looking at us.

Another funny memory I have was the first time I helped Josi take a bath. So, in Mexico is not so common to have a bathtub so I’ve never used one before, I was trying to get the water a little bit colder when I switched something and, instead of the water being in
the bathtub, it started to go out through the shower making her, me and everything wet! It was so funny that even Ramona (my host mom) got wet and laughed along the way! By the end of that we dried everything up and I even played with Josi she was a fashion model with the hairdryer!

Even though I’ve been here for one and a half more it feels like I’ve been here so much longer because I’ve been learning, I’ve been growing. I’ve learned to explore, to get happy for the small things. I’ve learnt how to have fun just with a piece of paper and some
scissors, I’ve learned how difficult it can be to learn a dance from a youtube video, I’ve learned that there’s tons of different ways to do math, I’ve learnt all the songs from a disney channel movie and all the characters from Minecraft, I’ve learned how to use a bathtub, I’ve learned that a hairdryer can be used for so much more than drying hair, I’ve learnt how delicious it is to have maiz with sour cream and how good it feels to make bread in a bonfire, but most important I’ve learnt that while we try to teach children all about life, children teach us what life is all about.