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Au pair of the year 2019/20 - Mariana from Mexico

Hello, dear reader,

my name is Mariana, I am 19 years old and I am from Mexico. And a few months ago I made the best decision I ever made: to go to Germany as an au pair.

I came to Germany with many doubts. I was afraid that I would not fit in, that I would not be happy and that it would be the hardest twelve months of my life. Oh, how wrong I was.
As time went by, I became a little more attached to the children and my host family every day. When little Christopher asks me where I was, he tells me that my train "will collide", or that a "giant pumpkin" is coming, which he will defeat; when Paula gives me one of her drawings and asks me to play with it; or when Hannah helps me cook and we play a hand game that I played as a child; these little moments and everyday occurrences are an enrichment that even makes me homesick.

During my stay here I have and will collect so many good and memorable impressions, which I will still tell about in 30 years. Once the girls went to the field next to the house and the cows started chasing them. The girls ran across the whole field to the other side, and my host mother ran after them and brought them back as if it was a daily event. Or the day I was the victim of a tickle attack from the children and the chair I was sitting in collapsed under me...

Even now, in this moment, I only think of the children and wish the best for them. Ever since I was a child, I have always worried about my future; when I was 7 years old, I was so worried about university, and whether I would be smart enough to get good grades, or whether I would pass my classes in high school, even though there was no point in worrying about it. At this moment I am not thinking about myself, but I am thinking about the children.

I am not worried about whether they will pass their classes in high school or whether they will study. I wouldn't call it "being worried" either. But I want them to be happy in their future, and I want them to become the best versions of themselves. When I look at them, I sometimes wonder what kind of people they will become. Until then, I want to be a good and positive influence on them during my stay here, and for the time after that I want them to know that I will always be there for them.

I think that for a good au pair there is one factor that decides everything: the host family. I cannot describe how grateful I am to be in this family. My host parents are always there for me and I feel that I can talk to them about everything (if there is such a thing, they should be the "host parents of the year", haha). Throughout the whole process they have always shown me the support and help I needed.

This experience is an incredible learning experience for me to move to another country where you don't know a soul and live in a new family. Learning a new language and falling into another culture has helped me a lot to get to know Germany and myself. When I go to German museums and read something about their story, I get to experience my own story. When I go to art galleries and see all the colours on the canvas, I also apply colour to my canvas. With every step in these German streets I grow as a person.

I really hope that all au pair girls can feel the way I feel while writing this essay: as if they are where they should be and couldn't be happier about it.