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Daniela from Mexico 2019/20

My name is Daniela , I'm 21 years old and I've been an AuPair since August 6. 2019. You think it seems like a short time but, so far, I'm having the best moments of my life. Becoming an au pair was something I always wanted to do. When I decided to take this trip...

To start, my goal was to find a family where I could do something with real meaning could. I want to teach the kids everything I know about my culture and with a little luck even the language I speak. When I first met the Werner family, there was something that told me was the right family for me. They were as enthusiastic as I was about the AuPair project, because I was the first au pair they spoke to. One of the moments is when the girls asked me if we baked and would learn Spanish. That's when I made my decision. From the beginning I thought both girls were very cute and I still think so. They were curious about what we would do together and that made me very happy. After the "match"  Lena, my host mother, always stayed in contact with me so that I could be with I felt like I was coming home. Emma and Mara ran to me and hugged me like I was already part of their family. It was a very emotional moment for me. Lena and Reiner have made it possible for me to feel very comfortable in their family and both are amazing people.

Lena is always by my side. When something's bothering me, she's there to help me. She always finds a solution for every situation. Lena is also very active and often finds something new to do. Lena and I are part of the "Freaky Dance Rabbits" dance group and we always have a lot of fun in training. Now she is not only my host mother for me, but also a lovely friend. I really admire her. Reiner is also very nice. Sometimes I think because he always finds time to make a joke. He also cares a lot about his family and always tries to give them the best.
Reiner is a big Eintracht fan and now I'm one, too, because I can even sing the anthem of the I've seen teams before. In my second week in Germany, Lena, Reiner and I in Frankfurt for a game. It was great! Thanks to Lena and Reiner it is not so hard to be away from my family. And of course Emma and Mara helped me a lot. Both girls have my life completely changed. Thanks to them it is a little easier to learn German. Now they think, that I speak "almost perfect German". Emma is 6 years old and she is the little princess of the family. She loves clothes, to draw mermaids and unicorns and she also likes to dance ballet. But don't be fooled, because Emma is also an action girl. Climbing trees, riding playing on the trapeze are also her favourite activities. She told me that when she is grown up, she wants to be a ballerina, a rider and also an au pair my children. Emma also loves to learn Spanish and learns everything incredibly fast. She is also a very good big sister, because she always makes sure that her "sister is not hurt. And little Mara , she just turned 4 in September and she's the funniest girl I know. She's very spontaneous and always has something to say. Mara loves music and she has a new song every day that she wants to teach me. I realized that the easiest way to teach her Spanish is to singing. Together we enjoy playing circus, baking and we often paint watercolours. We always have a lot of fun together and I miss them both when I am away. Last time I went away for the weekend and when I came back they told me to because "it's been weird without me."

I think Emma and Mara have found in me a more patient, comprehensive and generally a better person. I always try to make them happy and help them with everything. help. Like Emma says, "No matter how hard it is, Dani can do anything". At Christmas time, I baked a lot of cookies for the family small gifts and see the look of the girls, when the cookie jar is full again. I love spending time with them. We like to play outside, jump on the Trampoline or always running around when the weather is nice. We also like to take off and to "movie night" with popcorn and "just some" candy. And when I see the girls tired, I like to sing them lullabies in Spanish, which is very good for them. felled. Being Family Werners AuPair has been the best experience I have ever had. I have been learned a lot about the German culture and, thanks to Lena's father, also everything about the German Kitchen. Matthias cooks for us almost every day and has shown me how to prepare schnitzels, roulades, dumplings and makes hash browns. Potato pancakes with applesauce is the girl's favorite food and mine too. I am very grateful and I could write a hundred pages about how well I feel about my host family and what we have achieved together. But I will only say, that I am the happiest au pair. What you have just read is one of my greatest achievements. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll live in Germany. But I'm dying to see how
these two girls grow up and become what they want to be.