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Au pair Andrea shares her experiences in Germany

Andrea's au pair experiences in Germany

Andrea from the US,  au pair in Berlin in 2012

Choosing to come to Germany to be an au pair as a gap year was the best choice I could have made for myself. I have only been here three months and I already have grown and learned so much.

It hasn't all been easy though. My first family and I broke up right away and it took me awhile to find my second family. But that hard time really taught me a lot about myself and I ended up with the perfect family because of it. Having AYUSA to help me through that time really put me at ease. It is really scary to come across the world and all over a sudden be looking for a new family. I can't imagine if I had had to do it all alone.

Being an au pair is a completely different experience depending on your family, which makes it unique and special. If you make sure to find a family that really suits you then you can really be sure you will have an amazing and unforgettable year. Yes, sometimes it is hard and tiring but it is so rewarding to really be a care taker for these kids that you become so close to, and you know you will make a difference in their lives.

Being an au pair isn't for everyone though, you have to know that you will really be living with your work and your boss and have to love children. If you just want to live abroad than do something else because this is a very specific experience and not for everyone. It is perfect for me, but like everything else it won't fit everyone.

An average day for me is getting up early to make breakfast and pack the girls snacks and take them to school. Then I go to my language school for four hours and afterward work out or go grocery shopping or meet a friend for coffee. Then I pick up my girls and play with them for a little before I start making dinner. After dinner we watch their show and usually their mom comes home and I am technically done for the day. But every day is different which keeps things interesting and makes the weeks fly by.

Sometimes I really miss home and my family and friends, but I realize that is normal and it helps me get through it. I have found a lot of support and friends with fellow au pairs, I think it is important because only they can really relate to you. You can talk to them about what you are having problems with or share cute stories or even make play dates. It is a great sort of support system because you are all in the same situation and far from home.

I have grown so much these past three months and I know that I will be much more ready for college when I get back. I needed this break to figure out my real interests and take an academic break. Now I am actually excited to study and start that part of my life and I know I will go into it more responsible and mature. My German is already so much better than when I came. After three months I have gone from extremely basic German to being able to have simple conversations and understanding almost everything I hear. My goal is to be C level by the time I leave and very confident in German. I plan on continuing studying it in college and then moving back to Germany someday, maybe for my masters.

Being here and making so many friends from different countries and different ages has showed me how much life I still have to live at only 18. I have so much time and so many possibilities. I plan on traveling around Europe for about a month after my au pair year to see some of my friends and countries I haven't been to. I am also going to do some traveling with my host family. We are going to go to Disneyland Paris in about two weeks which I am super excited for and so happy they are inviting me along. I really feel welcome and comfortable here, and like an important part of the family. I am really excited for the rest of my year and know it will go by too fast.