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Au pair Cristina’s experiences in Germany

Cristina's au pair experiences in Germany

Being an au pair in Berlin, Germany 2012

What is it like to be an au pair in Germany? I would describe it easily with: Amazing. I’ve learned so much about life and myself in these past months, that I know that everything has been worth it.

It hasn’t been easy for me; I’ve had a lot for coming here, I had no clue of German, my last flight before getting to Berlin was cancelled so I had to manage by myself and with the help of the agency how to somehow get me to Berlin, I came in the coldest weeks of the Winter (after living in Guatemala, I am not used to a weather below zero) and due to indifferences, I changed my host  family. Do I regret having this experience? Natürlich nicht!

It still amazes me after all this time, how much one kid can change your life; let alone 3! By also living with two totally different families, I could get whole different perspectives on life and how each family, mine included, manages things in different ways. I’ve also met along the way different people that somehow, with even a gesture, have changed my life; and I know I will never forget them.

A regular day in my life is getting up and getting myself ready, then I take my kid to the Kindergarten and I’m off to Deutschkurs. Later I get back to the house, get some lunch, relax a little and tidy up dirty dishes or things out of place. I vacuum the flat once a week. At 4pm I pick him up from the Kindergarten and go to a park, get some ice cream or just get back to the house. I watch him until one of the parents get back and babysit a couple of night during the week.

During my free time after au pairing and studying, I hang out with friends, go shopping, explore the city, read in a park or get some sun at a lake. I’ve also been able to use my holiday days for traveling; I flew twice to Italy and I’m planning a trip to Spain.

I’ve definitely grown by having to make decisions by myself and think what is best for me and/or the kids. Being away from home also makes a great change, because you can’t turn easily towards the people you did before but it encourages you to meet and trust new people that will go helping you along the way.

So after all of this, why Ayusa? I don’t regret at all coming with them. They have given me full support with everything I went through, they are constantly in touch to check everything is going fine, they have also given me great ideas or tips for doing with the kids and they have accompanied me throughout the whole process. I wouldn’t doubt recommending them at all. Take the chance! You won’t regret it!

Cristina, Guatemala