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Au pair Cynthia’s answers questions about au pairing in Germany

Cynthia's au pair experiences in Germany

Cynthia from the US, au pair in Berlin in 2012

Why did you choose Ayusa and its AuPairCare Germany program for your au pair experience?

I chose Ayusa/AuPairCare Germany because it is an agency that provided equality to both parties. It also clearly seemed to provide safety and fun and other such qualities to both parties, the au pair and the host family, things that other agencies didn't seem to exhibit. I was sure I was on the right path on choosing them.

What were the challenges and highlights of your stay?

The challenges of my stay so far have been dealing with how we have grown with different cultural views. By cultural I mean our thoughts towards things, people, situations, beliefs, and customs. Sometimes we did of course eventually have our ups and downs like everyone else does (nobody's perfect), but overall we fitted together.

I knew from the very beginning that we were each other’s destiny and I was right. We had fun most of the time laughing at our differences. Additional highlights of my stay would be meeting the entire family by heart. We had a good time meeting each other sometimes on weekends and during holidays. I enjoyed some very good times with them and friends I met through my year.

What travels have you done during your stay?

Travels I have done during my year have mostly been with my host family. Fall holidays were spent in Cyprus, Winter holidays with the entire family in Berlin, Spring and Summer vacations in beautiful and lovely Sweden. In addition travels with friends from class to Hamburg and Potsdam, getting a great view on gardens, cathedrals, palaces, and castles. A wonderful and unforgettable experience have been all of these beforehand mentioned travels to me. Watching the sunset and sunrise, stars and the moon in such different countries and points from the globe is truly gorgeous.

How have you grown as a person during the year?

Finally, how I have grown as a person during the year has forever changed my life for good. I got to meet people from the entire world in such an international city like Berlin, during class, travels, and even walking through the city. I got to meet them more fondly and have learned that we're not all so different after all. Despite locations and cultures, we all strive to meet and get the best from the world and live peacefully. I have personally learned more with my eyes and ears from all the people I have met, than I have done in books throughout my entire 12 years of schooling. 

I have also grown more independently living abroad far from the people, things, and places I was used to. I was exposed to various foreign languages meeting people from everywhere, and I have learned and learned and I am glad that I made this decision; the hardest I have made in my life, but the best one indeed without a doubt.