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Au pair Emily’s experiences in Germany

Emily's au pair experiences in Germany

Emily from Australia, au pair in Berlin in 2011

I started my journey to becoming an Au Pair in August 2010. I decided to be an Au Pair as a GAP year program to earn some money before heading off to university. The application process was pretty easy and fast, it was mainly just filling out all of the forms and getting everything together that took the time, but once done it felt good and the excitement set in.

Once a family that suited was found the whole thing seemed real. After a couple of phone calls with my now family it was decided that I would go to them and live in Berlin. I currently work for my family for 20hrs a week and also work in a kindergarden as part of AYUSA's combined program.

So far my journey here has been amazing and such a great experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and have grown as a person into someone I never thought I could be. Living within a family is also a great thing about being an Au pair, you are not only living in a different country but also in another family experiencing the culture of that host country.

I have been here for 4months out of my year long stay and have not regretted a moment, learning the language and getting to know people has been one thing to keep me going. Of course naturally being so far away from home you are going to miss family and friends, this is common and happens to everyone, you just have to hold your head high and keeping pushing through. When you come out the other side you know well I got through that it is possible to do anything and you begin to enjoy your time again.

It is so rewarding to see the children grow and learn new things, I have seen and heard the kid´s  English improve so much in the last 4 months and even the things you can teach your family about your own country is amazing and they are always open and ready to hear about your life in your  home country.

Being so far from home can be difficult at times but when you look at it, what you are doing is really  an incredible thing and is rewarding for both you and your host family. I would highly recommend it to anyone, no matter where your interests lie, as long as you love kids and learning about a new culture you can get something out of it.