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Au pair Kaitlin about her experience in Germany

Kaitlin's au pair experience in Germany

Kaitlin from the US, au pair in Frankfurt 2013/2014

Name, age, home country:
Kaitlin, 24, USA

City of placement / host family:

When did you arrive in Germany and how long do/did you stay?
October 2013; one year

Describe your host family:
FANTASTIC; I absolutely adore my current host family. I get along very well with everyone and they are so supportive and generous with everything.

Please describe a typical day in your life as an au pair:
On a typical day I wake up and begin work by getting the youngest ready for kindergarten (the oldest usually is taken to school earlier by her father on his way to work). After we’ve eaten breakfast and gotten dressed, I drop the youngest off at kindergarten. I usually have the rest of the morning and early afternoon off, before I pick up both girls from kindergarten and school. Depending on what day of the week it is, I take them both home with me or I drop the youngest off at home and take the oldest to her ballet class. During the afternoon, we usually play, eat snacks, and I watch the youngest while the oldest practices piano with her mom. By early evening, I’m off again and free for the rest of the day.

What do you like best about being an au pair? Highlights?
There have been so many positives to this experience. I’ve loved truly becoming a part of another family and watching the changes in the kids. It’s amazing to watch how quickly children pick up another language and so much fun to see them use your own phrases. I’ve also loved having the opportunity to improve my German language skills and have the chance to travel.

Were there any challenges?
Of course! There’s a lot of challenges that come with moving to a foreign country and having a limited grasp on the language. Besides fumbling my way through opening and closing a bank account, I think the biggest challenge for me was letting myself completely relax in someone else’s home. It takes time, but once you’re able to consider yourself a part of the family, you’ll find yourself watching Germany’s Next Top Model and gossiping about it with your host mother in no time!

Is there any advice you would give to future au pairs?
Let your voice be heard! One of the hardest things for me was speaking up when I had a problem. If you have any concerns, questions, or issues, just talk to them about it. They will understand.

Why did you decide to become an au pair in Germany?
I studied German in school and it’s always been a dream to move to completely immerse myself in the language and culture.

Why did you choose Ayusa/AuPairCare as your agency?
AuPairCare works very closely with both the au pairs and the families. Working with both Kathrin and my representative throughout my year here has been amazing. They are quick to respond to any issues and they are so happy to make sure that both the au pairs and the families are having a good experience. I cannot imagine having come to Germany as an au pair without going through an agency and I am so glad that I found AuPairCare in my search.