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Au pair Lisa’s answers questions about au pairing in Germany

Lisa's au pair experiences in Germany

Lisa from the US, au pair in Berlin 2011

When did you arrive in Germany? How long will you stay?
I arrived in July, 2011 and will be staying for one year.
Describe your host family:
My host family is amazing. They have been welcoming from the beginning which has been helpful.

They are people I know will be lifelong friends as well. They are funny, sincere, responsible and easy to get along with.

Please describe a typical day in your life as an au pair:
 I wake up and help get the girls ready after breakfast. I take them to and from Kindergarten and then cook lunch. I lay the little one down for a nap and play with the older one. There is the occasional weekend babysitting, but my host family is very flexible with scheduling.
What do you like best about being an au pair? Highlights?
Experience. Just being able to be outside my bubble gives me a rush. I like the cultural difference and being able to experience Europe as someone living here, and not on vacation. It helps build an image of what the world means to me and what I mean to the world. Being a part of the growth and life of two little girls is also priceless.
Were there any challenges?
Finding friends. Gaining authoritative respect from the kids. THE LANGUAGE. Missing the conveniences/food from home.
Is there any advice you would give to future au pairs?
Try to think about what it is you really want from this experience. It will help coming back to this if you ever get second thoughts. Keep a journal. If you are not already comfortable with being alone, just know this experience will teach you but it won’t be easy at first; you won’t regret it. Keep an open mind and try everything possible.
Why did you decide to become an au pair in Germany?
 I wanted something different with my life. Something I can tell my kids/grandkids “yeah, you’re grandma did that.” And traveling feeds my soul but being a starving student I saw that being an au pair was the cheapest way I could travel AND gain so much more than just vacationing. I also have German roots, and it doesn’t quite hurt that Germany is in the heart of Europe :]
Why did you choose AYUSA as your agency?
I chose AYUSA because at first glance it looked legitimate. Luckily, it IS legitimate. After seeing the movie Taken, I didn’t want to take any chances. The process was fairly simple and they genuinely care about my well being and making sure both parties are happy with their decision.