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Au pair Roseanna about her experiences in Germany

Roseanna's au pair experiences in Germany

Roseanna from NZ, au pair in Kronberg 2013/2015

Name, age, home country:
Roseanna, 20 years old, New Zealand

Town of host family:

When did you arrive in Germany and how long do/did you stay?
I arrived in Germany on December 11th 2013 and will stay until March 2015.

Describe your host family:
I live with a wonderful host family. My family consists of a dad, a stay at home mum, a 4 year old boy who was 3 when I started and twins, a boy and a girl who were born in February 2014.

Please describe a typical day in your life as an au pair:
A typical day for me starts just before midday where i look after the twins while the mum goes and gets the older boy from Kindergarten. When they are home we eat lunch and after that the older boy and I play. He enjoys running, playing Lego, playing the iPad, re-enacting videos and reading books so our days usually involve a mixture of those things. Usually we play until just before dinner time then the whole family eats together at the table. I have the mornings free.

What do you like best about being an au pair? Highlights?
What I really like about being an au pair is being part of a family that isn't yours through blood but still treats you like you are. You experience the ups and the downs with them like you would with your own family. I love being there and seeing the babies grow and reach new milestones. I love seeing the 4 year old grow and seeing how proud he is when he learns something new or can do something on his own, gaining his independence. You become part of the family and see them change and the family sees the changes in you too, how you gain more independence, become more confident. I like how my family tells me about the way Germans do things, the holidays they celebrate and how they celebrate them. I love how you get to experience these kind of things as an au pair.

Were there any challenges?
I think travelling to another country you've never been to before, that you don't know that much about and where you do not speak the language can be seen as a challenge. It's still a bit of a challenge now especially with the language but it's a challenge that gets easier with every passing day. It's also a challenge that gives you a sense of accomplishment because when you think back to how you were when you first landed in that country you really can see how much you've changed, grown and learnt.

Is there any advice you would give to future au pairs?
Advice I would give to future au pairs is to take as many opportunities to experience and discover new things as you possibly can! Try new food, meet new people, go on trips, celebrate events with your host family, make the most of the year because it really does fly by. If you don't think you can be away from your family and friends for so long, remember you aren't saying goodbye forever. Just a “see you later”. You can skype or WhatsApp them whenever you need to they are still going to be there for you whether you are in the same town or not. You will go back or see them again and they will be so insanely proud of you and you will be so insanely proud of yourself for making this choice. The first few weeks can be terrifying, everything is all brand new and overwhelming - these are usually the hardest weeks but once you overcome them you have a new sense of drive kick in and are ready to make your au pair year the best year ever. I would also suggest at least making one other au pair friend who maybe lives near to you or comes from your country. This is a huge help, knowing someone like you who is doing the same thing you are. Advice I would give for choosing a family is don't settle for the first family you interview with if you don't think they aren't the one for you. There will be other families; you need to make the decision on which one is going to suit you most and help you make the most of your year. Make sure to ask good questions and get a clear understanding of what is required of you, what their family is like, about the kids, their likes/dislikes. It's really important to pick a family you can see yourself living with. Once you decide on a family try and keep in contact with them until your arrival, getting to know them more this will help you for when you eventually arrive at their door as you will have developed a relationship already. After the first few weeks I would suggest bringing up things that are bothering you to the family if you have any to get them sorted sooner rather than later because the family don't know how you are feeling unless you tell them..

Why did you decide to become an au pair in Germany?
I have always liked kids and started babysitting at a young age. I chose Germany because during my final school years I met many German students who came to New Zealand on an exchange that shared details of their lives back in Germany with me. Germany is somewhere I'd never been to before but after hearing stories about sounded like a place I would like, which I do. It also opens up the opportunity to not only travel around Germany but also around Europe easily too. Au Pairing was the best way to combine my passion of working with kids and travelling in one.

Why did you choose Ayusa/AuPairCare as your agency?
I found out about Au Pair Care from the New Zealand agency Au Pair Link. I chose to go through Au Pair Link and Au Pair Care because I liked the amount of support they offered and how friendly and efficient they were. I knew that if I had any problems at any stage of my Au Pair year they would help me straight away. When you are thousands of miles away from home in a country that is foreign to you it is nice to know that you have been supported from before you left your own country and will be supported to the point when you finally make it back there again.